10 things that should not be feared at the beginning of this fall

Post-school education can be frightening

The transition from high school to the old school is very large, and although change is good, it is often frightening. So, if you start working after high school in the fall, it's perfectly normal if you have any (or all) these fears running through your head

Here are some of the most common fears of a first-year student and some advice on how to avoid them

Worries about the lack of friends are fine, especially if you move from a remote city and start at a school where you don't know anyone. We'll go through primary and secondary school, at least with the same friends, so visiting school, where you don't know, someone can definitely be intimidated. But you don't have to worry about that. What for? You're not the only one! Every student in the first year is in a situation where they want to make new friends, so if you open your case, you won't be meeting your new BFF in time

You were freshmen at school once. Maybe you had the same fear of losing and not being able to find your classrooms, but, after all, you got it, didn' t you? The same applies to the post. Many schools in the first few weeks left home to point to you in the right direction, but if you're really nervous about it, you're going to head to campus before you start classes and find the bearings. In the end, you will know your school as your hand

Now that you're paying the money truck to get an education, you better push it so you don't get away from the system or spend your education.  You have a fear of ill-being in your classes or classes heavier than you thought normal. Your classes are more than likely to be easy for you, especially in the first year. This will take some time to gain access to the new learning environment, but I don't let that scare you. If you work hard and look for help when you need it, you'll be fine

There's a great possibility that when you leave the house, you won't live with someone you know. It can be scary, whether you're in a house or a student's apartment. What if your rum doesn't love you? What if they're weird and creepy? Sometimes it's hard to deal with them, but

In many cases, you live with your parents from birth to late youth. It's a long fucking time! So when it's time to get ready and go to school, it's scary. In fact, you don't understand what you have until he leaves, and when you have to cook, kill, and be more responsible for yourself, there's no doubt

Perhaps you haven't started drinking in school, like other students, or you don't have to rule or break the rules. That's cool. If there's anything, you can be in college more than ever before. If you are connected to people who make you feel under pressure or in an awkward situation, there will be others in your school who won't make you feel like that. We don't feel "friends" that you can't be around-countless people with whom you can meet and hang out with them. It might take some time to figure out who these people are, but when you do, you'll be glad you did

There's a good chance you don't have to worry a lot about your finances before college or university. And when a post-secondary server suddenly throws up the expenses on your face every day, it could be quite unexpected. With each check, out and walk to the grocery store, you get serious concerns about whether you have enough money to get yourself in the next X years. But the reality is that a huge number of students face financial problems, so do not feel bad if you need to decline the invitation or

Do you think you're in the post-school training, in the back of your head, usually a little voice voice (like your parents), who constantly remind you that you don't have the skills to cook and clean. Coming to the realization that you are officially the owner of your own survival is a scary business, but before you know it, you will realize that you have more survival skills than you thought. Your parents raised you well, and for all the things that they didn' t teach you, Google is always here

One of the biggest fears in the first year is getting the first 15 pledge that everyone's talking about. You want to know reality? Not every student gets a fifteen year course, and if you don't eat anything but food and don't forget to work, you'll be fine. Perhaps your school offers free access to the gym. And remember your good friend Google? This guy can offer you a ton of healthy recipes to keep tabs on you

Choosing what you want to do for the rest of your life in 17 or 18 years is a lot of pressure. With your fear of not liking your program, it's perfectly normal. A lot of people won't tell you what you really are

Still afraid? Don't! Your experience in post-opting time will be one of the best in your life, so you'll take all the fears and the speed that you will get into your academic trip. It'll only help you to be

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