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Are you a gamer? Do you spend too much time (and money) on the DLC? Are you n00b when you’re talking about scholarships? Believe it or not, you can get a scholarship to fund a university just to be a great gamer. Most of the scholarships in the field of electronic sport ranged from $500 to $8,000. (In United States dollars) Some schools are beginning to provide full scholarships. Students may combine partial fellowships in the field of electronic sports with merit and academic scholarships Does that sound like a dream? Don’t get it IT’S SINGING! Learn about e-sports scholarships that you can win just to be part of the E-sports college team. Why not? Perhaps you’d still be in the game, right? (ALL) Gamers Helping Gamers Scholarships Ashland University Ashland University offers annual sports scholarships for up to $4,000. Players compete in the following games: Fortnite, League of Legends, Overwatch, Hestone, CS: Go, Starcraft 2 and Rocket League In the state of Indiana, there is an EE-Sports program, a player in the League of Legends and Kamena Kamen. There are 25 to 35 scholarships. Southwest Baptist University E-Sports Scholarship The Southwest Baptist University was one of the first colleges to offer “E-Sport” as an athletics programme. They awarded scholarships to players ranging from $500 to $10,000. Students need a minimum GPA 2.5. Scholarship NYU Game Center EVO UCI scholarship programme The Fellowship Programme provides for an annual fellowship of $6,000. (In thousands of United States dollars) (in United States dollars) They currently have two teams for the Legends and Oversight League. Winners should be accepted in practice and contests 15 to 20 hours a week. Maryvill University’s prize for participation in sports events The Maryville sports team recently announced its second national title. They became the first American university to win the Legally League of Legal Titles. Each game has one varsity and a varsity associate. The club invites students eligible to participate in the $2000 contest. Recently, Juniata College has formed a competitive team of electronic sports. The Juniata College awards students with electronic sports scholarships worth up to $2,500. These awards are intended for participation in the program and for students who have achieved success in their studies. Competitive Gaming Essay Scholarship Students can win $1,500. They should write an essay out of 1500 or less on the basis of the “competing gaming” or “eSports” revolution. They should discuss career competition and their views on the future of eSports. “ Lisa McRae College The Leary McRaee College awarded students who were superior to the League of Laws and/or the Stone. Students can get a stipend of up to $5,000. Scholarships are renewable Stephens College eSports Scholarship for Women Wesleyan offers scholarships in category E for 12 students. The scholarships are for $2,000. Scholarships are based on performance and history of games. The students compete in the team “Overrun”, “Legends League” or “Stone.” Becker is well known for his game development program. They offer scholarships to students in the amount of up to $5,000 per year. Scholarships are based on academic performance and productivity. There’s a group called the League of Legends and an Overlay team. They also offer commands in SMITE and Paladins. University of Hawaii Qualified students can receive a stipend of up to $6,000 per year. The school competes in the Legends League If you want to take your love of video games to the next level, you should apply to these scholarships. Joining the college team and the scholarship money is a great way to pay for some of your college classes