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The following is the Kiwanis fellowship for upper secondary school students Cunat International Scholarship : Author: former Governor of Kiwanis Brian Cunha and his wife Miki. This amount is $2,500. (In United States dollars) Harry S. Himmel Scholarship : This scholarship is $500 for Harry Himmel. Gimmel worked as president of the children’s fund for 10 years, in addition to other leadership roles in Kiwanis. The prize is available for alumni who do not leave school with the help of a key club Linda Canaday Memorial Scholarship : This scholarship is a tribute to Linda Kan’ay, First Lady of Kiwanis from 2008 to 2009. The award is $2,500. Applicants must graduate from 3.0 GPS or higher. This is only available for students who have been at the Club of Keys for at least two years The following are the Kiwanis scholarships for college students Cunat International Scholarship : From the “Kunit” level above. This is a prize for college students standing in a good position with Circle Circle. It’s also worth $2,500 Harry S. Himmel Scholarship : This scholarship is $500 in the national anthem. It’s for the members of the Circle in college John E. The olarship Mayfield Circle K : This scholarship is funded by Kiwanis John Mayfield for a long time. It established a fellowship programme in 2015. The solution is $1,000. The applicants must be college students in a good position with “Krug K” from 2.5 GPA or above Cirarship K International Past Presidarship International Past Presid : This fellowship programme is exclusively for the current presidents of CKI. It was established in 1990. The award is $1,000, but there is no minimum requirement for a GPA There are currently no “Kiwanis” scholarships for non-members. As these fellowships are privately provided, this may change in the coming years. On The Kiwanis FAQ page encourages non-members to contact their schools or local offices to learn about additional features Each Kiwanis grant has its own application package. Follow the links in the list above. Or you can access Opportunities for scholarships The Kiwanis website page. Then select the PDF file for the benefit of interest. To complete the PDF file, you will need to complete the section. It explains which documents should be included in the annex. Most applications require: College or college transcript, which includes information on the school evaluation system Two letters of advice from Kiwanis, school officials, club members or community leaders 200 words, explain how your education will have an impact on other people’s lives An application in the form of PDF-filled, signed and dated Send the entire application package in PDF format. Each application has its own address for views. Complete the application in advance to obtain it before the deadline of 15 March. The annexes are available on 1 December of each year Note that you cannot send your messages or other documents individually. All documents must be sent in the same package and sent simultaneously. Each year, there are hundreds of applicants, and Kiwanis strictly adheres to their guidelines Kiwanis will notify the winners until May 31. They will publish the list of recipients of scholarships Children’s Fund website